Property Management

Property Management & BROKERAGE


Maximize investment and negotiate with leverage

Relationships and referrals start with satisfied customers, partners, tenants, lenders, lawyers, accountants, and developers. We value our reputation and commitment to superior service – the people who work with us expect nothing less.

Our brokerage department enjoys a history of successfully attracting new business for commercial properties. We want a stress-free experience for property owners, tenants, and commercial brokers.

As either the owner or tenant representative, we bring our extensive experience to the negotiation table.  Expert analysis is brought to each brokerage or sales effort as we gather as much information about all party’s needs and specific criteria to develop the best possible outcome. Our clients include individuals, companies, and organizations of all sizes.

Unbound by geography, we involved ourselves with sales, lease, or investment of properties throughout the West.

To see more detail of the recent activity of the company’s highly expert and successful Brokerage Department, managed by Director of Commercial Leasing Marc Mower, read this.

Property Management

Manage assets like you own them

Our owners work with us time after time because we manage their property as though it was our own. Tenants appreciate the attention and personal touch our expert property management team provides.  We go above and beyond to facilitate the tenant’s occupancy through the management of the lease agreement, maintenance of the property, and response to matters as they arise.

Priorities of our Property Management team:

  1. Ensure the safety and security of each property
  2. Top of the class tenant improvements
  3. Open communication and timely response
  4. Ensure rent and operating expense records accurate and collected on a timely basis
  5. Create optimal profit for the property owner